Our Mission:

Our primary business goals are centered around providing excellent
software development services, and training while providing great value to our customers.  Our primary hope is to be able to do this while providing for a world greatly in need.  That's why we
count it a privilege to support excellent organizations like Voice of the Martyrs, World Vision,
and Samaritan's Purse.  

Our Values:‍

‍We are blessed to live and work in a country where freedom of religion, speech, and enterprise coexist  and where the questions we ask ourselves each day are not "if I'll eat" but where.  

So with these freedoms, we strive for excellence in software, to be a blessing to the world around us, and to do so in Christ's name. Whether this statement seems foreign, or familiar, it is the reason that we exist and the reason that we are here to serve you and the world in which we live.

Our Name:

‍An oasis by definition is a fertile place in a barren desert and so our name has meaning in software development where excellence and economy rarely meet.. Our hope is to fill this gap and provide provide a refreshing combination of excellence and value.